Congratulations Friend! We made it through 2020. It’s been a long year for everyone, but looking back (see our in-depth year in review in the Digging In section below), we’re encouraged by the resilience demonstrated by this global movement.

Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb often discusses the trait of “anti-fragility”––becoming stronger in response to the stressors one encounters––and we’re seeing that trait play out in our Network and programs time and time again. It’s encouraging, to say the least, and we hope that feeling carries with you as we close on this year and enter the next.

Savory Enters an Agreement with Uruguay Ministry of Agriculture
This agreement represents a commitment to explore and pilot a path, with action, where the grassroots movement supported by Pampa Oriental, the Land to Market program, and the development of holistic policy can synergize to make Uruguay’s agriculture more productive and resilient, and a net carbon sink.
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Poised to Leap: 2020 Annual Report
With over 12,000 people trained, 32 million acres influenced (as of earlier this year), and so much more in between, we couldn’t be more proud of the efforts shown by our network.
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Protecting Soil Biodiversity Essential in Adapting to Climate Change
Efforts to adapt to a rapidly changing climate are entirely dependent on protecting the life in our soils.
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Switch to Regenerative Improves Soils on US Beef Farm
Working with nature has increased soil organic matter from 0.5% to 5% and doubled carbon sequestration at White Oak Pastures.
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A documentary about food's journey around the world, exploring controversies revolving around food and its interconnectedness with justice, climate change, and sustainability.
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Looking Back on 2020
As the year comes to a close, we’d like to share a look back on 2020 from Savory’s perspective, because even though it has been quite the long year for us all, we’re so incredibly grateful for all of you that follow and support our work, and for the continued commitment from our Savory Global Network in pushing forward against all odds.

The year started as most do––lots of excitement for big plans like our new Hub accreditation pathway, our new TEDx talk, and our Annual Network Gathering that was slated to take place in Australia in March––but then COVID hit and everything changed. Before we knew the severity of COVID’s global disruption, we used our holistic context to guide us as an organization on how to move forward, and that led to some critical pivots in our 2020 impact strategy.

As global trade slowed to a crawl, we expected a significant downturn in donations and earned revenue, so we practiced what we preach and “destocked” our budget to reduce expenses as much as possible, as early as possible. Most importantly in this process, we made the decision to keep our mindset firmly rooted in service, delivery of value, and learning. For example, all 2020 network accreditation fees (both Hubs and AP’s) were waived to hold space for creativity without constraints in such an unusual and unpredictable time.

We continued to onboard new Hubs, adapting everything to virtual, which of course required that we all learned to do this well and effectively. What a growth opportunity for us. And, despite the disruption, we found a profound and renewed sense of synergy and community with all Network members around the globe.

Beyond the Hub Network, we began partnerships with strategic organizations for activating and mobilizing communities around holistic management and regenerative agriculture in key regions of Africa, Australia, and Brazil (and there are a handful of more recent “special projects” in new areas of the globe for Savory that we’ll hopefully be announcing soon… stay tuned.)

On the Land to Market front, while we expected the downturn in global markets to correlate with a slowdown of brands wanting to source verified regenerative raw materials, it’s been quite the opposite, especially for wool and leather. Timberland joined the program and launched their first pair of EOV boots, EILEEN FISHER launched an entire line of EOV “Regenerative Wool”, UGG boots signed on, and––a little more behind the scenes––we now have over 2 million acres under EOV and have evolved our onboarding processes to allow more options for brands to partake. Ultimately, this led to quite the large Holiday Gift Guide for 2020.

Looking back, there have been many lessons learned that will carry into 2021 and beyond. The budget “destocking” forced us to unleash our collective creativity and tap onto our inner flow of inspiration, keep us all healthy during these trying times, and doing so has uncovered new strategies for more effective engagement, identified areas of improvement, and most importantly, has allowed the Savory Global Network to thrive despite the craziness of it all, and achieve even greater impact in the world, and within ourselves.

Onward to 2021…

Real Organic Symposium
A virtual series of talks and panels with more than 50 prominent organic farmers, scientists, and climate activists including Allan Savory, Al Gore, and more!
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Holistic Financial Planning
Learn how to plan for profit and manage a cash flow positive farming operation. Learn ecologically sound farming practices and how they increase production and profitability.
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Foundations of Regenerative Organizations
In this course, our friends at nRhythm will take you on a journey to design and manage your organization as a Regenerative Organization where thriving members, resilience, and value and wealth creation are recurring outcomes of its underlying health. < 20% off with code SAVORY >
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