It seems like just yesterday our global focus was attuned to the fires in Brazil and Australia. Now, during this great pause, we’re dealing with a whole new set of problems, including the need for new, more resilient models for supply chains.

As it so happens, this month we have big partnership announcements focusing on both Brazil deforestation and regenerative supply chains. There is much work to be done, so we’re doing out part...

Timberland & Savory Institute Partner to Build Regenerative Leather Supply Chain
In Fall 2020, Timberland will launch a collection of boots made with leather from verified regenerative ranches sourced through Savory's Minnesota Hub, Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed.
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reNature & Savory Partner to Make Regenerative Grazing Mainstream in Brazil
We’re excited to announce our new partnership with reNature — working together to transition deforestation operations in Brazil to regenerative, holistically managed grazing systems.⁣
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[Video] How We're Making Our Own Food System Up in the Arctic Circle
A new video from the Northern Farm Training Institute highlights their work in Canada's Northwest Territories.
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The Sickness in Our Food Supply
"The very system that made possible the bounty of the American supermarket suddenly seems questionable."
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Regenerative Agriculture Can Change the Fashion Industry
"We don’t need to be sustainable, we need to be regenerative."
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Biodynamic Agriculture: Farming in Service of Life
A few voices of Biodynamic Agriculture share their view of the beautiful harmonies that exist within nature
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One Topic Each Month In Greater Detail
Reinventing Supply Chains
You’ve probably heard that COVID-19 has put supply chains through a serious stress test lately, especially for food. Meat shortages, dairy being dumped, animals being euthanized, outbreaks at meatpacking plants… all while shelves are going empty and grocery chains are limiting meat purchases.

These are all unfortunate occurrences, and all symptoms of large, centralized supply chains that rely on cheap labor, high volumes, little competition, resource extraction, and massive amounts of highly specialized infrastructure to stay afloat.

But that’s not the end of the story. While the old guard has been showing their brittleness, the local decentralized systems have, in many cases, been thriving. With fewer moving pieces and an ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions, decentralized, modular supply chains (or as we like to refer to them, “supply webs”) have been more resilient against shocks to the system whether they be drought, recession, or pandemic.

The time is now to support these regionally-appropriate, value-adding entities. They tend to be family-owned and work directly with their suppliers, local farmers. They maintain the craft or artistry of their trade, paying close attention to detail. And they employ local workers long-term, support their broader community in innumerable ways.

When the public leads by example, demonstrating the values they want to see in society expressed through their actions and purchases, the markets listen. Companies of all sizes, from small mom-and-pop shops to large multi-national brands, are now exploring new models, collaborating with one another, and investing in real change.

Below are the forward-thinking brands that have partnered with Savory's Land to Market program to overhaul their traditional sourcing models and prioritize regenerative outcomes:

We ask you, at this critical time in history, to continue to patronize your local farmers. Buy direct when possible, regional when you can’t. Purchase clothing that will last and food that will nourish. By purchasing with intention, you send the market signals that land, animals, and people are not commodities to be extracted from, but rather living beings to be cared for and supported.

Don’t stand by idly and blindly “consume.” Together, we can bring the change our world so desperately needs.

Introduction to Land to Market: What Brands Need to Know About Regenerative Sourcing
The first in a series of webinars from Savory's Land to Market team, sharing specifics of the program and how brands can take the next step towards sourcing verified regenerative supply.
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Manejo Holístico en la práctica
Esta será una oportunidad increíble para sumergirse aún más en el mundo del Manejo Holístico y cómo se puede aplicar a su vida y negocio.
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Foundations of Regenerative Organizations
Savory's New Zealand Hub, in partner with nRhythm, will lead a workshop for designing and managing regenerative organizations.
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Online Courses with 3LM
Savory's UK hub 3LM is launching a series of online Holistic Management courses over the next few weeks.
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